7th Monilinia Blight Update

Friday, May 6, 2016

We've had two infection periods this week.  Monday evening through late in the day on Tuesday and late Wednesday evening through mid day today.

Fields that are close to or at 40% F2 should have a treatment applied to them after the rain has stopped.  Luckily the cool temperatures have slowed the development of many fields down.

The forecast for the next week looks encouraging with mainly sunny conditions and warm temperatures.  However, this is still Nova Scotia, so keep a close eye on the weather.

The reporting sites for this week are as follows:

Middle Musquodoboit - 80% F2 (early field)
Glenmore - 32% F2 (average of several fields)
Wittenburg - 46% F2

Kemptown - 23% F2
Earltown - 24% F2
Corktown - 25% F2

Lynn Mt. - 14% F2
Athol - 36% F2
Mt. Pleasant - 12% F2
Truemanville - 18 % F2 (1 pin)
Neuville Lake - 40% F2
Yorke Settlement - 26% F2
Fox Point - 8% F2
Amherst area - 15% (average of sites)
Thunder Hill - 15% F2
Oxford - +40% F2 (Many mature cups)
Farmington - 7% F2
Pigeon Hill - 13.5 % F2
Windham Hill - 15% F2
Westchester - 19% F2

Murray Siding - 41% F2
Mt Thom - 14% F2 (Tower field)
Kemptown - 9% F2
Masstown - 47% F2
Folly Mt. - 32% F2
Londonderry - 25% F2

I will be updating sites from eastern NS starting on Tuesday.  Growers in all eastern counties should be looking closely at the bud development of their fields.

Next week appears to be a great window to get your soil applied herbicides down.

The next update will be late on Tuesday, May 10th.

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