8th Monilinia Update

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Fruit bud development moved along rapidly over the weekend.  We did have a significant infection period which ended early on Friday.  Some areas did see another infection period on Sunday evening, but this was very patchy and somewhat isolated as thunder clouds moved through the region.

The weather looks relatively clear through to the weekend, with good drying conditions.  I expect most fields in mainland NS will be close to or above 40% F2 by the weekend with the exception of a fields in traditionally late fields.  If we do get the rain that is predicted, producers will need to consider applying a treatment.

Sites reporting for this week are as follows:

Stewart hill - 77% F2
Glenmore - 71% F2

Masstown - 53% F2
Londonderry (Baseline rd.) - 55% F2
Debert - 31% and 38% F2 (two fields)
Wild Blueberry Institute - 43% F2
Earltown - 25% F2
Kemptown - 25% F2
Folly Mt. - 19% F2

Kemptown - 43 %F2
Earltown - 57% F2

Gairloch - >40% F2
Bridgeville, Pictou county- >40% F2

Antigonish, various fields - mid teens to high 20% F2

South Hampton - 25% F2
Westchester - 6% F2  (early field - 40% F2) - avg 35% F2
Thunder Hill - 50% F2
Amherst area - 40% F2
Lower McCann - 52% F2
Parrsboro Airport - 17% F2 ( 1 nearly mature cup)
Glasgow Mt. - 40% F2
Higgins Mt. - 22% F2
Springhill - 32% F2
Lynn Mt. - 36% F2 (Early field); 19% on a later field

Here's a picture of a apothecia cup, growing off of a mummy berry. It releases the spores that infect our developing fruit and vegetative buds.  This photo was taken in one of our cooperator fields on Monday.