Late bloom update

Thursday, June 16, 2016

So the weather hasn't been great for pollination and the wetness does increase risk of botrytis. However, I've had several wise growers tell me over the years, "There is no sense worrying about the weather, because there is absolutely nothing you can do about it".

That being said, years like this are exactly why we implement the management strategies we do.

Increased pollination density, in years with less than ideal pollination weather will pay dividends. That being said, if we look back at the days objectively, we still have a significant number of "flying hours" over the last two weeks in most areas.  It might be two hours one day, 4 hours the next and a full day on the third.  We don't need 25 degrees and full sun for bees to pollinate.  I have seen honeybees in the field pollinating this year when it was 14 degrees and misty (not full force of course).

Also, our botrytis protection strategies are really important on years like this.  Most growers have been protecting for botrytis the last couple years and generally botrytis pressure has been low.  This year, the potential for increased pressure is there and those strategies that we have adopted should have a bigger impact.

The weather is looking good for the next week, so late blooming fields should get ideal pollination weather.