Restricted access to travel on Forest lands - notice from WBPANS

Friday, August 12, 2016

Important Notice to All Nova Scotia Wild Blueberry Producers and Custom Harvest Operators, Please Share This Notice Widely With Producers Who May Not Be On Our Email List.

The Nova Scotia Government, through the Department of Natural Resources, has restricted access to woodlands and backcountry areas due to the current extreme forest fire hazard index, with numerous wildfires currently burning out of control in the province.

With wild blueberry harvesting operations now underway in southwest Nova and expected to begin next week in central areas, DNR has issued a single travel permit to WBPANS for our members to “travel on forest lands for the purpose of commercial harvesting of blueberries and activities associated with management of blueberry production”.

Several conditions apply:

1. Harvest operations must have basic fire suppression equipment on site at all times. Equipment to
include at least one shovel, bucket and a minimum of 5 gallons of water.
2. No fires, including no smoking.
3. The association maintain a list of current harvest operations and locations that can be made available
to DNR if required.

These conditions apply to hand raking  and machine harvesting crews.

To comply with requirement #3, above, the WBPANS office will be keeping a daily log of wild blueberry harvesting operations while the emergency travel restriction order is in force. To help us keep this log up to date, we need you to notify the office of where you are harvesting and update it when you move to a new location. A simple email to  is the best way to do this. For example: “XYZ Wild Blueberries, harvesting until further notice on Base Line Rd, Folly Mountain, west of the Bailey bridge near civic address #____”  The log will not be shared or publicized in any way except on request by DNR as a condition of our permit.

Thank you for your co-operation.