CoP and Planning Tool

Friday, April 7, 2017

Travis Esau spent a lot of time this winter pulling together a planning tool to help wild blueberry growers make decisions when margins are tight.

Click on this link and it will take you the WBPANS page where you can download the excel file he has developed.

It is a field by field management tool that allows you to see where you might end up, from a profitability standpoint.  You can adjust the inputs and make assumptions on your yields and price per pound.

It allows you to go through multiple scenarios very quickly and really make informed decisions about each of your fields.

I recommend downloading it and saving a version for each field you are managing.

If you decide to use this, it is critical that you make realistic assumptions regarding yield and price. For example, If I reduce input A and B, is it realistic that I will get the yields I have been getting? Run a couple of scenarios with regard to price.

This tool does not guarantee anything of course, but it really does help you understand costs and can limit losses and optimize returns on better fields.