Early Season updates

Thursday, April 13, 2017

After 3-4 days of really nice weather, I expect some early fields will start to have buds swelling by early next week.  We won't be at a susceptible stage when it comes to Monilinia for a little while yet, but it might be a good time to get out in your fields and take a look at your fruit bud numbers. Of course there will still be some snow in later developing fields and on higher ground.

I will start Monilinia updates, particularly for South-West Nova, starting next week.

Upcoming events:

1) Just a reminder Travis Essau is putting on a session next Wednesday, at Dal AC to help people maneuver through his new cost management tool. Registration is required!

Please RSVP to Janet and mention if you will be bringing your own laptop to use or if you would prefer to use the provided computers on campus.
Janet Geldart, Wild Blueberry Producers Association of  Nova Scotia
Tel: 902-662-3306

2) Also the NSDA session at the Glengarry is a go for  April 20th from 1-3.

Blueberry Management During Low Prices.

Contact Marie Williams to secure a spot
E-mail: marie.williams@novascotia.ca

I will be going over ways to minimize financial risk, optimize production on good fields and factors you should consider if you are thinking about resting fields,

Have a great weekend!