10th Monilina Update for Nova Scotia - May 24th, 2017

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The risk for new Monilinia infections has past for most of Nova Scotia.  If there are very late fields in Cape Breton that have not been treated some consideration should be given to making an application before the rain on Friday.  Although there could be some late infections on some late fields in mainland Nova Scotia, the risk of significant crop loss is now very low.

Most of Nova Scotia is moving rapidly into bloom and consideration should now be given to protecting against Botrytis infections.  If you are 20 to 30% open flower or beyond, and your field has a history of Botrytis infections, a treatment should be applied before the rainfall event forecasted for Friday.

Botrytis controls can be expensive so it is important to consider what your yield potential is before an application is made.

Refer to the Wild Blueberry Pest Management Guide 2017 for product options


As always, check with your processors to see which products are allowable for their markets.