3rd Monilinia update for Nova Scotia

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Fruit bud development is still quite variable but they are starting to move rapidly in many areas.  Development does not appear to be following traditional early field / late field time lines, so it is critical everyone is checking their fields.

Taken on Sunday for South West Nova
Caledonia - 35% F2
Victory - 10% F2
New Tusket - 18% F2

Halifax County/southern Colchester county
South Branch - 40%F2
Glenmore - 40%F2
Early Field on Butcher Hill - 48% F2 (taken on the weekend)
Stewart Hill - 24% F2 (taken on the weekend)

Debert - 35% F2
Baseline road - 35.5% F2
Millville - 53.8 % F2

Westchester Mountain (early field) - 20% F2

Oxford - 12.5 % F2
Amherst - 5.2 % F2
Athol 30% F2

There appears to be a chance for rain Thursday night into Friday.  Followed by a long dry period, with warm temperatures throughout.  If fields are not at the 40-50% F2 stage at that point it does not make sense put a control product on.

Those fields that are at that threshold should consider an application before the wet period or immediately after.

The next update will be late in the day on Friday, May 6th.