4th Monilinia Update for Nova Scotia

Friday, May 4, 2018

We certainly had infection periods over the last two days.  Growers only need to be concerned if their fields are at or above the 40-50% F2 V2 stage.   We are seeing rapid but variable bud development across the region.  The forecast for the next week is calling for variable weather but warmish temperatures.  I expect most fields in mainland NS will be approaching that critical stage by the middle of next week.  Only traditionally late areas, eastern NS and fields in higher elevation might still be delayed.

Note: in early developing areas we fully expect blueberry plants to start punching through the ground in sprout fields by the end of next week.

Also we are seeing apothecial cup development in multiple sites. So if buds are at the susceptible stage and weather conditions are right, it is likely that mummy berries are producing spores.

Site updates for May 4th

Western Musquodoboit valley - > 40% F2

Highland village - 4% F2
Baseline Rd. - 37% F2
Murray siding  - 30% F2
Kemptown - 7 % F2
Mt. Thom - 4 % F2
Camden - 40% F2

Debert - 50% F2

Oxford - 30% F2 (3 pins, 4 nearly mature and 4 mature)

Lynn Mt. - 14% F2

Amherst - 15% F2 (2 pin and 3 nearly mature cups)

Westchester - 19% F2 (4 pin)

The next update will be late in the afternoon on May 10th.