5th Monilinia Update for Nova Scotia

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

We had a series of infection periods over the weekend with the last being on Sunday evening into Monday morning.  We are currently in a stretch of warm dry weather which should push many areas beyond the 40-50% F2 V2 stage, if they are not there already. It looks like Thursday into Friday may be another wet period which many growers should be prepared for.

Reports from sites around the province:

South West Nova Scotia:
Queens - 90% F2
New Tusket - 81% F2
Annapolis - 69% F2

Murray Siding - 55% F2
Highland Village - 38% F2
Baseline Rd. - 45% F2
Eastmines - 44% F2
Mt. Thom - (tower field) - 26% F2

Debert - 77.7% F2

Kirkhill (by tower) - 75% F2

Westbrook/New Canaan - 77% F2

I don't have any reports from eastern Nova Scotia today, but fully expect bud development to be moving along rapidly.  All growers should be looking at fields for fruit bud development.

The next update will be Friday, May 13th in the late afternoon.