6th Monilinia Update for Nova Scotia

Friday, May 11, 2018

We definitely had an infection period through much of the province last night, through this morning. Warmish temperatures and a long wet period certainly made for a high infection risk.

Most areas in main land Nova Scotia are now well above the 40-50% F2/V2 stage of development and would be susceptible to infection.  At many sites we are still seeing mature monilinia cups.

The current forecast is calling for a long dry period until the middle of next week. Which should further push plant development but will also help to dry up the cups and start to decrease infection risk.

Typically late developing fields (ie. Advocate area, Cape Breton and very eastern Nova Scotia) should be looking closely at their fields to determine if they have reached the 40-50% threshold.

I fully expect sprout fields in early developing areas (ie. Debert) to start having plants push through the ground by the first of next week.  Keep this in mind when considering herbicide applications.

The next update will be late in the afternoon on Tuesday, May 17th.