6th Monilinia Update for Nova Scotia

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

We are certainly looking at an infection period from Tuesday mid-day through late in the day on Wednesday.  There also appears to be another wet period approaching on Saturday, which could be an infection period.

Most fields, except traditionally later fields (ie. high fields, cape breton and areas towards advocate) are at or beyond the critical 40-50% F2/V2 stage.

Crop development has slowed considerably with the cold temperatures and cold soils.  Grasses are just starting to move and I have yet to see a blueberry plant begin to push through the ground on any sprout fields.

Areas reporting on fruit bud development:

Halfway river - 26-67% F2
Airport Field Parrsboro - 43% F2
Parrsboro shore/advocate - 23-25% F2
Springhill - 36-49% F2
Amherst - 49-59% F2

Central Colchester and Halifax counties are beyond the 40-50% stage with the exception of a few very late fields.

We are certainly in the heart of Monilinia season and controls should be considered if your field is at the right stage.

The next update will be late in the day on Friday, May 17th.