7th Monilinia Update for Nova Scotia

Friday, May 17, 2019

Almost all areas in mainland Nova Scotia are under risk for infection from monilinia. With the exception of a few very late fields, fields are at or beyond the 40-50% F2 V2 stage.  There is a forecasted rainfall event overnight tonight into mid day on Saturday.  There is also an expected rainfall event overnight Sunday into Monday, possibly continuing on into Tuesday.  This will likely mean several infection periods in most regions, especially as temperatures start to go up..

If an application has been made this week, it will provide 7-10 days of protection for the buds that were open at the time of application.

If an applications are delayed until Wednesday of next week, it is unrealistic to expect back action that extends back to the weekend, to cover off the infection periods.

This is a critical time for Monilinia Risk in Nova Scotia.

Also of note, weeds are finally starting to move, the cold soil temperatures have slowed weed growth and plant development.  As of yet, we have not seen any blueberry plants emerge in sprout fields in central Nova Scotia.

The next update will be late in the day on Tuesday, May 21st.