9th Monilinia Update for Nova Scotia

Friday, May 24, 2019

It has been a challenging spring to say the least, wind, rain and cold conditions have made pest control and the timing of pest control a challenge.

I took some bud counts on high inland fields over the last two days and those fields are well over 50% F2.  With the exception of a few late fields in Cape Breton, all fields are beyond the threshold stage. 

Given the cool damp conditions and the slowed development of the fields, we can assume apothecia cups are still producing spores in most fields.  For much of central Cumberland and Colchester we are approaching the end of Monilinia risk for the season, but we are not there yet. We need heat to dry up the cups and to push floral development along. We are still likely 5 days away from significant bloom appearing.

If you have not put on a product to control Monilina yet, now is the time.

Based on growing degree model tracking (using base 0)  Debert is about 5 days behind last year from a heat accumulation standpoint.  We should be just starting to see plants pop through the ground in sprout fields.

Reminder:  Twilight meetings are a go next week

May 27 - Millen Farms, Little Dyke (5:00 pm start)
May 28 - John Cameron's Receiving Shed, East River St. Mary's (5:00 pm start)
May 30 - Art Sargent's Receiving Shed, Parrsboro (5:00 pm start)

The next update will be mid-day on Tuesday, May 28th