Bloom time disease risk

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

We are slowly moving into bloom, but most fields have not reached 20% open flower yet.  If only a small amount of bloom is open, it is too early to make a Botrytis application.

Botrytis products, like Luna Tranquility, Switch etc. need to be applied prior to an infection. No registered products for this disease can be counted on for any post infection control.

The forecast is calling for significant rain on Wednesday night into Thursday.  If your fields are still in very early bloom at that point a control is not required.

Botrytis risk is highest in fields with constant dampness (ie. coastal fields, or areas with regular fog).  Also fields, or sections of fields, that are protected from wind, or early morning sun can have increased pressure.  Tall dense canopies also create environments for this disease to thrive.

If we get significant rain through mid bloom this will also create a situation for higher disease risk.  Keep an eye on bloom development and the weather.

The next update will be on Friday, June 7th in the late afternoon.