Good Pollination Weather Ahead

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The weather looks to be quite good for pollination over the next week or so.  High teens to low twenties in most areas.  This should allow for good pollination success as we are moving into full bloom in most areas! Note: this may mean we move through bloom quickly, as there doesn't appear to be any "cold" days that will slow down development.

From a Botrytis management standpoint, we are expecting rain over night tonight and then again over night on Thursday into Friday. With the relatively warm conditions and wet bloom, it does make sense to make an application in areas prone to the disease. Remember treatments should be applied prior to the infection period (wet period).

For most areas of Nova Scotia, a single application in early bloom should be sufficient to keep Botrytis pressure low through bloom.  In areas with traditionally high pressure for Botrytis, a second application may be warranted 7-10 days after the first application. Note: this 2nd application only needs to be made if wet conditions are persisting through bloom.

This is the last regular blight line update for 2019, but I will continue to update the blog and the phone line periodically as issues arise.