Sunny and warm, finally!!

Friday, June 7, 2019

There looks to be a warm sunny period from Friday through to Tuesday.  This should push flower development and pollination should start in many areas.

If you are considering a Botrytis control, some consideration should be given to making and application prior to the next wet period, which is likely through the day on Tuesday.  With the wet conditions we have had, it is likely botrytis pressure will be high in areas prone to this disease.

Just a reminder, the 2019 pest management guide is on the Perennia website.  Click on the link to take a peak

Always, check with your buyer to see what is allowable for their markets!!

Of note:  We are starting to see Monilinia symptoms showing up from infections that occurred 3+ weeks ago. The picture below is from a trial site in a field in Mt. Thom