Monilinia season is coming soon

Monday, April 27, 2020

I was in a field over the weekend and noticed a few fruit buds in the F2 stage in the early clones.  We are still early for central Nova Scotia, but the ground is dry and with some heat and a little moisture buds could move along quickly!!

There won't be a regular blight line this year, like previous years, so it is important that each grower checks their fields individually to see if their fields are susceptible to infection.

To do this, walk fields in a "W" pattern and collect 30 stems randomly along that pattern.  Back at the truck, count the total number of floral buds and then the number that are F2 or beyond

Divide the # of F2 buds by the total and X 100 = That gives you your % of F2

If you are below 40% it is too early to spray.

If you are above 40-50% and there is no rain in the forecast there is no urgency to spray.  Infection will only occur if the temperature is warm enough and the wetness is long enough.

Download the Monilinia Factsheet on the WBPANS website for the infection period graph and all details on the disease

Remember - Fruit and vegetative buds can only be infected if they are at the F2 or V2 stage or beyond.  If the weather is cool and dry risk of infection is low.

As always check with your buyer to see which products are allowed for their markets!