Prepping for growing season like no other

Thursday, April 9, 2020

The growing season is coming quickly despite the covid crisis happening around the world.  There is a lot of uncertainty out there right now, but we do know agriculture and food production is an essential service.  That being said, as we start into the season, we all need to think about adjusting how we do things to minimize contact with others to keep people safe. 

Management decisions this spring:

Given the issues we are seeing around the world, that are affecting supply changes across industries, it is critical to contact your suppliers early to try and secure the inputs you think you will need for this season.  This includes pesticides, fertilizers, and pollinators.

Given the times we are in, it is prudent to only speak for what you think you will actually need.  It is both financially and socially responsible.


There is still a lot of fescue in fields around the province.  Many are asking about Kerb use.  The old label, was very vague and allowed for dormant applications. However, the Kerb SC label only calls for a late September to early November application timing.  Over the years we have seen spring applications being very inconsistent in trials, as spring weather plays havoc with the product on the soil surface.