7th Monilinia Update for Nova Scotia, May 28, 2021

Friday, May 28, 2021


This is our 7th Monilinia update for this year. This will be the last Monilinia update for 2021. I will continue to give updates about field conditions, management and events happening related to wild blueberry production.  

You should be starting to see symptoms in the field if there were infections in the past three weeks and you didn’t have blight spray or the timing of spraying was off. I observed Monilinia blight symptoms this week in several locations. Symptoms of Monilinia infection are the infected leaves turn brown starting at the base of the leaf where the stem is attached and the entire leaf becomes dark brown and collapses. The blossoms turn brown but are attached to the plant. You would see the disease is patchy in a field. Here are some photos I took this week to show what they look like and please take a look at your field and if you observe any symptoms or serious infection, please let me know (902-890-0472).

In most fields I visited and monitored, the bloom is ranging from 20-50%. It is the time to put out hives for pollination and also an ideal time to consider a first Botrytis application. When weather conditions are wet and warm, it can result in significant infections, particularly in the coastal area and fields that have regular fog and wet periods. 

I will give more updates throughout the summer!