Podcast- The Wild View on Blueberries: E7 S1_Fall Weed Management in Wild Blueberry Production with Dr. Scott White

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

 Fall is one of the important timings for weed management in wild blueberry production. It is also a good time to scout your fields and understand the weed composition of those fields. A better understanding of weed issues in managed fields will be helpful and prepare you to make a suitable and effective weed management program in your farms. What weed species are in the fall weed management window? What are the best windows for fall weed management? We have some answers and suggestions for you!

Dr. Scott White was in our spring podcast for a spring weed management discussion. We are glad to invite him back to talk about fall weed management and his research updates. Dr. White is an Assistant Professor at Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture. He has an active research program in vegetation management in wild blueberries.


To listen to this podcast, please visit https://anchor.fm/wild-view-on-blueberries/episodes/E7-S1--Fall-Weed-Management-in-Wild-Blueberry-Production-with-Dr--Scott-White-e19v1n5.