2022 Updates and Seasonal Outlook for NS_ May 31

Tuesday, May 31, 2022


This May has been very dry, and we are below the 10-year average of May rainfall amount in NS. The dry environment is helpful during disease season (less infection!), however, as we are in the middle of bloom and pollination season, we need adequate rainfall to make successful pollination. We had two frost events so far, but they didn’t cause significant damage to bloom. However, I noticed a little bit of frost damage in some fields.

Many growers are wondering how to tell the differences between frost damage and disease infection on leaves and flowers. I read a very nice factsheet about this topic, and I like to share some key information about them. This factsheet and all information I share below is from Wild Blueberry extension service, University of Maine. Thank you for them to produce many resources for the wild blueberry industry.



As I said, this year’s monilinia blight disease pressure is low, but we are still in the middle of bloom and any long, warm, wet periods are ideal for Botrytis infection.


Upcoming Events

Please check out the Wild Blueberry Blog Event Page where I just updated a few events in the calendar.


Two events to highlight:

1.     WBPANS- 2022 Twilight Meetings Session 2: Thomas Harrington (Perennia's Agri-technology specialist) and myself will lead the session, focusing on weather stations. 


Perennia Horticulture Tail Gate Meeting in Tatamagouche (June 6; 10 am-12 pm), Mill Creek and North Lochaber.



A special note: I will join the one in Tatamagouche on June 6. If any of you like to meet and bring questions, I am happy to meet old friends and get to know some new faces.