2023 Wild Blueberry Pest Guide, New Perennia Farm Data Tools Platform (farm weather map for GDDs) and IT Tips to Quickly Access Perennia’s Wild Blueberry Resources

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Hello, everyone


Before you receive 2023’s first production enewsletter update, I want to send this separate post to update you on a couple of things and I hope they are helpful to gear you up for another successful year!


2023 Wild Blueberry Pest Guide

Please find the newest guide here: https://www.perennia.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Wild-Blueberry-Management-2023.pdf.

Please follow product labels and your processor’s approved product guide before purchasing chemicals and applying products to fields.


New Perennia Farm Data Tools Platform (farm weather map for GDDs)


Perennia is excited to release its Farm Data Tools Platform and it offers a lot of great potential for future farm tool development. As for now, this platform offers a “Farm Weather Map” which includes all 100 weather stations under the weather station assistance program. The weather map shows the current weather information from the station and a “Growing Degree Days Calculator” to obtain GDDs for each station.

Below, I will share resources to set up your account (FREE!) and use the GDD calculator under the farm weather map. If you have any trouble, please let me know.



1.       Perennia’s Farm Weather Tools Platform: https://farmdatatools.ca/. This is the home page for this platform.

2.       Please quickly read the farm weather map page before you set up your account: https://farmdatatools.ca/services/farm-weather-map/.

3.       Under step 2’s link, you will see resources about GDD and two very useful resources to help you set up and access the map and the GDD calculator:

-          Farm Weather Map video tutorial: https://farmdatatools.ca/services/farm-weather-map/.

-          Farm Weather Map Quickstart guide: https://farmdatatools.ca/wp-content/uploads/sites/20/2023/04/Quickstart-farm-weather-GDD.pdf.

IT Tips to Quickly Access Perennia’s Wild Blueberry Resources


I received some feedback about the difficulties to access Perennia’s wild blueberry resources and here are some quick IT tips to help you access those links.

I recommend growers either bookmark those pages on their computers or save them to their home page on their smartphones.

Recommended links to save:

-          Perennia’s Wild Blueberry Page: https://www.perennia.ca/portfolio-items/wild-blueberries/?portfolioCats=87.

-          Perennia’s Wild Blueberry Blog: http://www.novascotiawildblueberryblog.com/.

-          Perenina’s new Farm Data Tools Platform: https://farmdatatools.ca/.


On Computers:

Open the links you want to save, simply hit “Ctrl+D” shortcut key combination to save pages. This tip works for any computer browser.


On Smartphones:

This method is strongly recommended as you can still access resources in the field and in a simple summary, this tip allows you to save the page into the home page and it acts like an “APP” icon. So, whenever you click on the icon, it will take you to the links right away.





Android: https://www.howtogeek.com/667938/how-to-add-a-website-to-your-android-home-screen/