New Nova Scotia Government Programs

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Some new programs have been released under the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a new 5-year agreement. All newly released and upcoming programs can be found on the NS government program website:

As this is a new 5-year agreement moving into the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership programs, producers will need to fill in a new Program Funding Registration Form. Please contact the Department of Agriculture for more details about this change.

Programs to highlight:

On-farm Industry Preparedness Program: The On-farm Industry Preparedness Program supports primary producers with water management activities (drainage), creating greater resilience against ongoing climate events.

Environmental Stewardship and Climate Change Program: The Environmental Stewardship and Climate Change Program supports the Agricultural sector in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and adapting to the impacts of climate change. This program helps primary producers accelerate the adoption of priority beneficial management practices. Biodiversity and Habitat- species at risk enhancements, IPM climate change adaptation - water supply, drainage, water quality, frost protection and weather stations; Product management – Chemical and fuel storage).

Get Growing Program: The Get Growing Program supports small farms in adopting specialized infrastructure and equipment. The program helps with the expansion of local agricultural production for local markets.

Wildlife Damage Mitigation Program: The program helps farms protect crop and livestock from wildlife damage to improve industry competitiveness and resilience.

Planning New Opportunities Program: helps farms and agri-businesses be more competitive, manage transition, develop risk management strategies and respond to change.


On-Farm Technology Adoption Program: helps producers invest in equipment and processes that provide labour efficiencies, reduce cost of production, increase yields and support more efficient use of inputs.


Value-Adding Equipment Program: supports value-added businesses. The program helps increase local food production and improve food security and sustainability for farms and communities.


Speaker Series Assistance Program: helps industry associations host speakers focused on science, research, innovation, market development or diversification in agriculture.


Apiculture Sustainable Growth and Health Program: promotes hive health, pollination expansion and adoption of efficient technologies that help with labour shortages.