2024 Production Updates and Seasonal Outlook for NS_ 8th Blight Line Post_ May 22

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

 GDD Updates_ May 21, 2024

Figure 1. GDD Summary, May 21, 2024

Blueberry Frost Risks

As we are getting closer to early flowering, spring frost can pose a severe risk to blueberry blooms if low temperatures occur in crop fields with a good percentage of open flowers.

Below, you can see each blueberry bud/flower stage has a minimal tolerant temperature. For example, fully open wild blueberry flowers could get structural damage under -2.2 c for just 3-4 hours (Figure 2).

This information will be helpful for growers to determine their crop fields’ damage risk and level based on their crop field crop stage and local weather conditions (wild blueberry weather stations or Environment Canada). 

 Figure 2. Blueberry Frost Risks



Frost Damage? Disease Infection? Monilinia VS Botrytis?

Many growers are wondering how to tell the differences between frost damage and disease infection on leaves and flowers. The UMaine Wild Blueberry Extension team produced a very nice factsheet and this is a good one to print and keep handy. 

Figure 3. Photo and information credits: UMaine Wild Blueberry Research and Extension Group