Wild Blueberry Management Updates_ June 10, 2024

Monday, June 10, 2024

Hello, everyone

I have received some notes from growers to inform me that this year’s yield looks promising. We have been getting all the positive growing conditions since the beginning of this production season. We have decent bloom and great flying weather for bees. Many areas in the province are in the middle of the petal fall (pinhead) stage and a small percentage of early green fruits (5-10%). Figure 1 is a good example to show the average wild blueberry crop stages in the province.

If you like to share your observations from your fields, please call or text Hugh at 902-890-0472 or email: hlyu@perennia.ca.

Have a great week.



Figure 1. Wild blueberry petal fall (pin head) and early green fruits.




GDD Updates_ April 1- June 10

Figure 2. GDD Summary, April 1- June 10


Botrytis Blight Infection Report- June 10.

This year’s bloom period was significantly dryer than the 2023 season. We didn’t get any concerning spring frost during the bloom period. The botrytis infection level in crop fields was significantly lower than last year from my initial field observation. There was minimal Botrytis infection in dry fields and fields with fungicide application in proper timing, as well as sheep sorrel and goldenrod-free fields. In fields with wet conditions (including wet spots in fields, located in a wet area or close to the coastal line) and weed infestations from sheep sorrel, goldenrods, and other flowering plants, still show Botrytis infection symptoms. This is an early assessment of this year’s Botrytis blight infection.

Figure 3 is a Botrytis infection symptom photo from our research plot taken this year.

Figure 3. Botrytis Blight Infection on Wild Blueberry Blossoms from a Research Plot (Photo Credit: Sarah Schaefer).