Peter Burgess is a horticulturist with Perennia, an integrated agriculture, food and bio-resource company based in Nova Scotia, Canada. It was created in June 2012 with the merger of AgraPoint, the Atlantic BioVenture Centre and AgriTECH Park.  Perennia provides extension services to Nova Scotia farmers as a public service under contract with the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture.

This blog is intended to provide short, brief, conversational observations on issues impacting the production of low bush blueberries for Nova Scotia and the Maritime climate. Please contact Peter if more specific information is required.

In his work, Peter promotes the use of integrated pest management approaches in all cropping systems and works to identify and find long-term solutions to pest problems with individual producers and for larger industry issues. He specializes in wild blueberry production, pest identification, pest controls and whole system pest management approaches. Peter has extensive knowledge of pesticide usage and regulation, weed science, and production systems of many other horticultural and field crops. He works with and supports other specialists to provide the best possible pest management advice. Some of Peter's projects include administering pesticide efficacy trials, assisting in minor use pesticide priority selection from a Nova Scotia perspective and acting as an inspector with the Nova Scotia Strawberry and Raspberry Nursery Certification Program.