6th Monilinia Update for Nova Scotia - May 9th, 2017

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

We have had several infection periods over the last seven days depending where in Nova Scotia you are located.

- Last Monday and Tuesday was a long infection period for most of the province.
- Friday evening through early Sunday morning was an extended infection period for most areas as well.
- It appears Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday will be an infection period as well.
- Some areas would have had other smaller infection periods as well.

The weather outlook for the end of the week, shows sunny conditions for Friday and into the weekend.

If fields have not be treated in the last 4-5 days and they are above the 40% F2 stage a treatment should be considered.  If you are looking for back-action, for the current infection period, a propiconazole based product should be used (Tilt, Topas, Bumper etc.). If you are just looking at control going forward Proline is also an option.

Most fields being monitored in central Nova Scotia are at or above the 40% F2 stage and if mummy berries are in the field, they will be actively sporulating. There are a few very late developing fields that aren't ready to treat yet.

Very eastern parts of the province (Guysborough and Cape Breton) are still somewhat slow to develop, but individual fields could be at the threshold to treat, so growers should look closely.

Sites reporting:

Westchester (Kennel field) - 66% F2 (1 pin, 1 nearly mature, 6 mature)
Rose Corner - 91% F2
Sutherland's Lake Road - 40% F2
Pigeon Hill (Early) - 70% F2 (1 nearly mature, 1 mature)
Pigeon Hill (Late) - 22% F2
Farmington - 37% F2 (4 mature cups)
Mapleton - 57% F2
Diligent river - 43% F2
Fox point - 59% F2
Fenwick - 82% F2 (3 pins, 2 nearly mature, 2 mature)
Woods Mtn. - 78% F2

The next update will be late in the day on Friday, May 12th.